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Este é um curso avançado de inglês. É um curso de cultura, lingua e aborda aspetos da história da Inglaterra.

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Este é um curso avançado de inglês.
É um curso de cultura, lingua e aborda aspetos da história da Inglaterra.

EUROPA LEARNING é um programa especializado em ensino à distância. Apresentamos cursos em todas as areas, criados a pensar em voce. Investimos não só na qualidade de nosso material didático, como também em novos meios para difundir conceitos e técnicas de forma eficiente para todos alunos. Por isso hoje este projeto orgulhosamente traz ao Brasil cursos de primeira linha criando novas tendências de mercado quando o assunto é e-learning

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  • English Renaissance History

    English Renaissance History

    The Tudor (and Stuart) Monarchs

  • Henry VII

    Henry VII

    Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York (daughter of Edward IV).
    Henry had defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field, ending the Wars of the Roses.
    Henry VII went on to forge international relationships through the marriages of his children.

  • Henry VIII

    Henry VIII

    Second son of Henry VII
    After his elder brother Arthur died, Henry became heir to the throne.
    Spain and England wanted to keep their alliance, even w/ Arthur’s death
    So Henry married Catherine of Aragon, Arthur’s widow - no papal dispensation was given, and the marriage was even done by proxy; Henry was only permitted to consent at canonical age (which he never did)

  • Later he tried to annul this marriage so he could marry Anne Boleyn.
    Henry claimed that God punished him by denying him a legitimate male heir – in Leviticus, God does threaten childlessness if a man marries his brother’s widow…so Henry came to see this marriage as cursed…

  • I need a son. I have been married for 20 years and my wife, Catherine of Aragon is too old to have any more children. Who will inherit my throne when I die?

    I spy an attractive lady – in-waiting called Anne Boleyn. If only I could marry her instead. Will the Pope give me a divorce?

    The Church is very rich. I need money for my luxurious court. If only I could get my hands on it.

    The new Protestant ideas are spreading in Germany. Princes there are reforming their churches and throwing out the Catholic Church.

    Some people in England like the new Protestant ideas. They believe that the Bible should be in English not Latin.

    The Church takes money out my country in taxes to help build St Peter’s in Rome. What do I get in return?

  • Catharine of Aragon

    Catharine of Aragon

    Catharine was the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain.
    She was married to Arthur, Henry VII’s heir, but he died, apparently before the marriage was consummated.
    Later she married Henry VIII, but they only had one living child, Mary. (They had a son who died in infancy).

  • Henry wanted to find a husband for Mary, so that she would be unchallenged as his heiress (women were not banned from the throne, but it was untraditional).
    Some suitors worried that Mary could not be a legitimate queen as Henry had married his brother’s widow…

  • All of these issues reached the boiling point after 20 yrs. b/c of constant succession worries, Catharine’s diminishing looks, and the appearance of Anne Boleyn…
    Catharine’s later years were ones of persecution where Henry tried to make her sign annulment papers.

  • Henry VIII (cont.)

    Henry VIII (cont.)

    When he wanted to marry Anne Boleyn, Henry created the Church of England and banned the Catholic Church from his nation. He also seized all of the property of the Catholic Church, thereby increasing the wealth of England.

  • Anne Boleyn

    Anne Boleyn

    Anne became Henry VIII’s second wife. But since his first, Catharine of Aragon, was still living, many Catholics, felt that her child Elizabeth was illegitimate.
    When she failed to produce a male heir, there were rumours that she was infertile…and by that time Henry had met Jane Seymour.
    Anne tried to woo Henry back, but he had her charged with adultery and incest and beheaded…

  • Elizabeth and Mary were raised together
    Queen Jane Seymour showed favour to Mary but treated Elizabeth well
    And the Queen did finally have that male heir, Edward VI; this ended the sisters’ succession argument
    When Jane Seymour died (a fever), the 3 siblings were raised together

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  • English Renaissance History
  • Henry VII
  • Henry VIII
  • Catharine of Aragon
  • Henry VIII (cont.)
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Edward VI
  • Jane Grey
  • Mary I (Bloody Mary)
  • Elizabeth I
  • Mary (Stuart), Queen of Scots